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Pledge of the Nobility

WE PLEDGE OURSELVES, as citizens, to conduct ourselves with due propriety, conforming to our established laws, in cooperation with our nation and its authorized officials.

WE PLEDGE OURSELVES, to maintain exacting high standards in our respective community life, that “DEMOCRACY” may become a living reality.

WE PLEDGE OURSELVES, to the promotion, along with other thoughtful citizens, of modern and practical legislation enacted by any government agency, that will redound to the benefit of our “AMERICAN” way of life.

WE PLEDGE OURSELVES, to support duly constituted authority for the elimination of anti-social conditions, wherever found to exist, that we and all other people may enjoy a rich, round and full life.

WE PLEDGE OURSELVES, to morally support and encourage every social agency, that has for its purpose the maintenance of the highest ideals of the people of the nation.

WE PLEDGE OURSELVES, to cooperate fully in disseminating “TRUTH”, among the people of the earth, to the end that “DEMOCRACY” shall prevail forever, and the peace of every nation be preserved.



Marracci Temple #13

Illustrious Potentate – Corey Edge

Detroit, MI

Oman Temple #72

Illustrious Potentate – Clinton E. Beck

Flint, Michigan

Lawrence Wells

Al Ashraf Temple #167

Illustrious Potentate – Christopher Williams

Ann Arbor / Jackson, Michigan


El Karnek Temple #86

Illustrious Potentate – Robert Roundtree Sr 

Muskegon, MI

Mirza Temple #273

Illustrious Potentate – Dwayne Brydie

Pontiac, MI

Roderick Ling



Holly Wilson

Holly Wilson

Illustrious Comandress

Oman Court #132

Janee Alexander

Janee Alexander

Illustrious Commandress

Marracci Court #32

Nicole Miller

Nicole Miller

Illustrious Comandress

Al Ashraf Court #106

Joan Downes

Joan Downes

Illustrious Commandress

Abu Talib Court #194

Imperial Court History

The Imperial Court, is an auxiliary of female family members of Prince Hall Shriners, and was formally organized at the annual session of the Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, held in Detroit, Michigan, on August 24, 1910.

The establishment of the Imperial Court was a result of a meeting held in 1909, when women representing the auxiliary of female members of Prince Hall Shriners from Maryland, Rhode Island and Washington, DC, met with a committee of Prince Hall Shriners and requested the formation and recognition of an organization for their women relatives.

The purpose of the Imperial Court, is to unite the relatives of all members of the A.E.A.O.N.M.S. into one common bond of friendship, to practice charity and benevolence, and to inculcate honor and integrity as symbolized in the legend of the Egyptian queen.

The Imperial Court, a charitable and benevolent organization, stresses the development of powerful leaders, encourages health awareness among youth and adults, provides services to help disabled and senior citizens, provides for effective networking among its members and other organizations, recognizes and celebrates the historic and current achievement of African American women, exerts positive influence and utilizes the tool of role modeling for youth, teenage mothers, high school and college students, and disseminates information for educational opportunities and career planning to youth and young adults.

Specific program thrusts include education and scholarship, health, mentoring our youth and senior citizens, book bags and school supplies for adopted schools, and the Youth. In addition to volunteer activities, financial donations are made annually to College Fund/UNCF, scholarships, Health and Medical Research, American Cancer Society, Mental Retardation, NAACP, National Foundation (Birth Defects), HIV/AIDS Awareness and other civic and special interests.

This organization of 12 courts at its inception has grown to almost 209 courts located in the United States, Canada, the Bahamas, Germany, Italy and Japan.


Imperial Deputy of the Desert – PP Gerald B. Williams (13)

Chief Rabban – PP Daryl Dunlap (13)

Assistant Rabban – PP Patrick Julian (72)

High Priest & Prophet – PP William Howard (13)

Oriental Guide – PP Christopher Williams (167)

Treasurer – PP Jimmy Moore (167)

Recorder – PP Kevin Leapheart (13)

First Ceremonial Master – PP Ray Williams (72)

Second Ceremonial Master – Noble Albert Phoenix (13)

Captain of the Guard – Noble Jeremy Moore (13)

Outer Guard – PP Dennis Cannon (72)


PP Gerald B. Williams (13) – Imperial Deputy of the Desert








HPP Bernard T. Reese (13) – Imperial Deputy of the Oasis of Detroit

PP Andre Smith (72) – Imperial Deputy of the Oasis of Flint

PP Michael Lipscomb (167) – Imperial Deputy of the Oasis of Ann Arbor/Jackson

Norris Ellis

PP Norris Ellis (86) – Imperial Deputy of the Oasis of Muskegon

PP  Ray Williams (273) – Imperial Deputy of the Oasis of Pontiac

PP James Franklin (72) – Imperial Advisor

PP Melvin Thomas (13) – Imperial Organizer



Imperial Deputy for the Desert – HPIC. Shanna Garrison (106)

First LT. Commandress – Dt. Jeanine Melton, PC (32)

Second LT. Commandress – Dt. Evelyn Mann, PC (32)

High Priestess – Dt. Earnett Nolden (32)
Oriental Guide – Dt. Roslyn Banks, PC (106)

Treasurer – Dt. Kathy Carrington, PC (32)
Recordress – Dt. Mary Johnson, PC (106)

First Ceremonial Daughter – Dt. Sonya McIntosh – First Ceremonial Daughter, PC
Second Ceremonial Daughter – Dt. Shirley Anderson (132)
Inside Spy – Dt. Angela Jones, PC (106)

Outside Spy – Dt. Sh’Quindra Love (106)
Assistant Recordress – Dt. Malika Jackson #32
Marshals – Dt. Samika Miller (32) / Dt. Kendra Perry (32) / Dt. Jeanette Raine (32)
3 Year Auditor – Dt. Karen Gleton, HPC (32)
2 Year Auditor – Dt. Freddie Simmons, PC (32)
1 Year Auditor – Dt. Debra Crump, PC (32)
Legal Advisor – Dt. Angela Whitaker-Payton (32)
Convention Directress – Dt. Shirley Broadus, HPC (32)


HPIC. Shanna Garrison (106) – Imperial Deputy for the Desert of Michigan

PC Samika Miller (32) – Imperial Deputy for the Oasis of Detroit

PC Katerna Love-Ramsey (132) – Imperial Deputy for the Oasis of Flint


PC Georgina Holliday (106) – Imperial Deputy for the Oasis of Ann Arbor/Jackson

Patricia Poole-Crawley (194) – Imperial Deputy for Oasis of Toronto

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